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Peck and Strong

With over three hundred and seventy five years of baking experience between our close knit team of bakers, we know our cakes… and traybakes, flapjacks and savoury pies & tarts!

Classic flavours, real ingredients and all made by hand; Peck and Strong cakes are the homemade cakes found in cafes and coffee shops, stately homes and universities up and down the country.  You’ve probably devoured and delighted in one of our brilliant bakes – you just may not know about it!

After over 40 years of solely supplying the catering and hospitality trade, we are peeking out into the light and are now able to send a selection of our traybakes to your door.


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Our delicious range of hand baked sweet and savoury treats

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You get out what you put in

Peck and Strong have been wholesale bakers of cakes, shortbread, brownies, flapjack, vegetarian pies, tarts and flans for over 40 years. Made by hand in Devon from scratch, for cafes, coffee shops, tea rooms, garden centres, stately homes, universities and more. We deliver to the trade through wholesalers across the UK. We’re now available direct to your door with next day delivery. Classic flavours, traditionally baked, generous, and always absolutely delicious. We only use the best ingredients such as local free-range eggs and Devonshire raspberry jam!


Hear From Our Customers

"One of the best examples of home made baking I have ever experienced." — (unintended irony!) 

Customer at Duffryn Gardens,

South Wales

"When at uni in Exeter, I went crazy for your Chocolate & Coconut Flapjacks. WHERE can I get them in London?"

Fan from Linklaters,


"Found your delicious Victoria on my travels in Cornwall. Is there any way of sourcing some for my fiancés birthday? Just gotta have it!"

Private admirer

"Labour-saving, cost-effective and, above all, a whole lot of TREAT!"

Emma Johnson,

Plough to Plate

"… your amazing Yoghurt-topped slice"

Private admirer

"Peck & Strong just keeps ‘saving the day’ - thank you - and no-one has a clue we haven’t made the Cakes ourselves! The flavour quality is astounding."



"… the one with the Yoghurt-topping. It was the best flapjack I have eaten"

Private admirer

"With their superb ingredients and their undimmed, consistent passion, it is so obvious that short cuts are never contemplated by Peck & Strong. I have been a huge fan for years."

Brian Turner,

Chatsworth Estate Food Buyer

"Have just tried your Orange Lemon and Lime Cake at Stratford. Wow, what a Cake!"

Private admirer

"I just cannot tell you quite how many times we’ve been asked by our Customers if I can share your secret recipes. Not a chance!"

Andrew Holden,

The Eden Project

"Chocolate & Coconut Flapjack: I have eaten a lot of flapjacks in my time (including home made, some of them), but I have to say that without a doubt this is the BEST."

Private admirer


Baking from scratch using real ingredients… free range eggs, Devonshire raspberry jam, British Bramley apples and aged Dorset cheddar.


Time honoured and authentic – always by hand in Devon, by skilled, experienced cooks and bakers.


Solar panels powering our fridges, minimal plastic, electricity from 100% renewable sources and offsetting all annual carbon emissions – we want to protect the environment we live in.

Our Range

All either vegan or vegetarian

– with gluten free options too!


We work with wholesalers nationwide for commercial customers. We now deliver our coffee shop quality cakes nationally through couriers straight to your door too!

Social Responsibility

We commit profits to environmental and people charities every year, palm oil is all RSPO certified sustainable and we recycle almost 100% waste material.


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