Working with Peck and Strong

We all work very hard here at Peck and Strong whatever the job, but we still have enough energy left for a laugh.

Our specialisms:


The heart of Peck and Strong – Cooks and Bakers, Bakery Assistants, Cleaners and Pot Washers, Packers and Dispatchers. The majority of our staff are in hands-on positions.


Administrators, Accounts, Sales and Customer Service.


Delivery Drivers, our ‘Front People’.

Every single person has an important role to play.

We don’t often have openings, but when we do this is what you can expect from us:

  • Good rates of pay
  • Plenty of annual leave, and time off in lieu for Bank Holidays worked
  • A very generous bonus scheme for all to share in the
    fortunes of the company
  • A pension scheme into which Peck and Strong put the
    equivalent of 5% of your earnings
  • 50% discount on all your purchases of our products
    (plus a lot of nibbles for free)
  • Brilliant Christmas Party

Sorry, there are no current vacancies

We currently have no vacancies but are always on the look out for people who will make a difference.

Please send us your CV or write to us – we will reply to you.

Send us your CV