Our intention is to be AT ONE,
not at odds, with our environment.
Is there any other way?


We reduce to the absolute MINIMUM Peck and Strong’s
negative contribution to GLOBAL WARMING.

We keep our ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION as LOW as possible.
Our bakery is lit exclusively by LED.

We generate over half of our electricity requirement ourselves
with our 50 KW PHOTOVOLTAIC installation.

We purchase the remainder of our electricity requirement from 100% RENEWABLE sources, principally wind, followed by solar and biogeneration.

Our gas for baking and heating is produced, in part,
Biogeneration, or Anaerobic Generation, is a young technology and so at present only 5% of our gas comes from this source. However, new gas mills are being built, and this proportion will increase over time. Our vision is that eventually our gas, like our electricity, will be 100% green.

After reducing all our available carbon emissions, we address those remaining unavoidable emissions (principally arising from diesel consumption).

Jointly with others, we INVEST in worldwide PROJECTS which not only
CUT CARBON EMISSIONS, but also IMPROVE living conditions
within the participating communities.
These projects are only realisable through such private finance.

We regard a ‘REDUCE AND OFFSET’ policy such as this as a company’s fundamental responsibility.


We seek to COEXIST with The Earth,
to get as close as we possibly can to SUSTAINABLE balance.

We feel better – and future generations depend on it.

We use only hypoallergenic, environmentally responsible CLEANING MATERIALS which have a MINIMAL IMPACT on the ecosystem both in their use and in their manufacturing process. All containers are composed of optimum levels of recycled materials and are themselves recyclable.

Our PACKAGING is SIMPLE. Cardboard box, of a minimum 65% recycled material, and itself fully recyclable.

Palm Oil is an essential constituent of the fat we use in some products.
We will only buy margarine whose PALM OIL ingredient is from an
RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)

We RECYCLE virtually 100% of all waste paper,
cardboard and plastic materials.

Our food waste goes away to be turned into electricity.

friends of the earth

We are a supporter of Friends of the Earth, who for more than
40 years have been working to build a more positive relationship
between people and their environment.